About Analytically Yours:

Analytically Yours is a collaborative space created by the The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer to support the national community of cancer data analysts. The goal of this website is to foster collaboration and facilitate an exchange of knowledge within this community. This webspace offers online educational and communication tools to support the professional development of the analysts. The content of this webspace will evolve based on the analytic community's input, feedback and needs.

Rules of Engagement:

This is a positive educational space where you are trusted to learn, share and collaborate professionally

To that end,  as users of this space we agree to:

  • Treat this space as if it were any professional workspace or job site
  • Use our editorial privileges wisely and professionally
  • Share positively and supportively
  • Refrain from personal attacks or hurtful comments
  • Not use this space to sell anything 
  • Not share the content of this site with non-users of this site
  • Contribute our best expertise, experience and resources to the benefit of all
  • Not vandalize the site in any way
  • Refrain from behaviour, language or comments you would not use in a professional setting or job site
  • Be inclusive and refrain from any jokes or behaviour that would demean, harm or exclude others
  • Not edit or substantively change another member's work without informing him or her
  • Offer advice, critique and improvement accompanied by positive alternatives or suggestions 
  • Not post any copyright material, unless you hold the copyright 

Please Note:

Users who do not adhere to these rules of engagement will be warned once of inappropriate behaviour. They then risk being removed from the space. Use of this site is monitored (by user name) by the site administrators.

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